Drawing two yellow lines on the road doesn’t mean you make a bicycle lane.

A biking route is made from the cyclist who rides her bike every morning to reach her office and back home, 365 days a year facing all the trouble: people parking their cars in her way, below zero temperatures and the sizzling heat of the summer.

Consistency, patience, and persistence in becoming better every day on what she decided to do, make a bicycle lane.

The intention to design a great dress, to create a great brand story, to run a notorious campaign and design the best window store, to pose for a one and only selfie street style image, is not enough to make you a fashion designer, a marketer, a merchandiser, a stylist, an influencer.

And even if you did what you promised to yourself once or twice, getting maybe a thousand likes on social media isn’t enough to keep you on track and make people identify you as what you want to be identified for.

Years ago to deliver your job was enough; but not anymore. And intentions could fool some people to invest in your idea; but not today.

What makes people trust you, buy from you, take you seriously, look at your product or service and your work with respect is something that needs consistency, patience, repetition, isolation, loneliness, both hard and smart work, and last but not least it requires failing many times on the way to success.

Mostly it is about the knowledge on what it takes to build your brand around what you do, which will help you turn from amateur to pro.

By the way, our open seminar for fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and marketers, influencers and bloggers who want to deal with reality and learn what it takes to build a remarkable brand for real is on September 24.

Go to our page here and read more about it. Come back with questions and take notes. We would love to have you all there but mostly we would love to have those who really want to be what their titles say they are.