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Writing articles, being passionate about beauty and fashion, and being an expert in the arts of nails and makeup are the main ingredients to start a blog on beauty and fashion.

But to transform a blog into the #1 national beauty magazine it takes an audience, a strategy and to pay attention to details.

Our Brand Strategist & Storyteller met the owners of Beauty Magic in their home. For us, details make the difference between being #1 or any other number. So, those owners that are willing to open their home to discuss with us about their business definitely love what they do, and secondly love to be hosts and make people welcome. And that is what a magazine does. It invites people to a living room and makes them feel at home, on the couch. It offers you coffee and as you are relaxed it starts a conversation about things that matter to you. It looks for information that is valuable to you on the specific things you love. And then when you’ve totally opened yourself it navigates you to the rest of the rooms.

Based on this idea we structured the magazine and built a communication strategy accordingly.

We set the magazine on three different layers

  • The living room, that is the cover and the editorial, surrounded by four articles that change daily. There will be 12 cover girls, one per month, and will be selected according to the message the magazine wants to send on that specific month. The photo shooting will be the story that the magazine wants to narrate to its audience. The magazine stands on 5 pillars (Makeup, Nails, Fashion, Hair, and Skincare). So we apply all of those 5 dimensions to our cover girls during the photo shooting.  Therefore the girls are not random models but they are the first women who test what the magazine speaks about on its audience daily. For instance, on the first cover, there was a local beauty influencer. The audience would love to learn more about her personal life, her preferences in makeup, nails, skincare, and hairstyle. More on this the magazine exchange information and knowledge and we connected & understood through this process her audience. And because Weird Authentic People belongs to an international powerful media group, VVV Group, we were able to set up a photo shooting with one of the best local photographers, Ilias Hatzakis.
  • The second was about the 5 pillars, 5 different rooms in the house. Makeup, Nails, Fashion, Hair, and Skincare. Everything that defines a woman’s preparation for beauty. The magazine is about beauty. No gossip, no other news, just pure beauty material focused on the real value the targeted audience is looking for. We added a Lifestyle section when the Covid-19 crisis hit the world only to help our readers adapt to the new reality.
  • The storytelling. It’s about you, the young girl who wants to be beautiful and trendy to conquer her dreams. The woman who wants to shine in her carrier and always be stylish with an attitude. The lady who wants to win the fight with time and make a statement that wisdom combined with beauty can be a lethal combination. It was never about beauty but the “why” to be beautiful. The goal that every woman wants to conquer being beautiful. An inner desire or a specific status. Every month the magazine invites you in its living room to sit and relax with a guest/host (the cover girl) who has a lot to say about her carrier, personal secrets and wants to have a good time with you. She will tell you to stay and enjoy the tour in all the rooms of the house. Let’s discuss your hair, the trends, style, makeup of the month, what nail shape is for you, and of course how to take care of your skin with the best products we have chosen just for you.

For those who want to learn more, a section with tutorials with the best artists and professionals will start soon. And because we would like to show you our gratitude for being loyal we prepared an e-magazine, a live issue, you can take with you before leaving our beauty magical house. It is an issue with extra material as a gift only to those who join our newsletter list.

In the first month, we tripled our visitors and two months later we reached the 150.000 sessions and 50.000 monthly visitors. We started with a list of 25 people having now a list of 6.500 loyal fans who love to hear from us weekly.

Thanks to the passion of the owners of the magazine we will not stop here. We have a lot to do for you in the future.

Beauty Magic is definitely a success story. Mostly it’s a journey we are enjoying and loving. Stay tuned for what is coming next for Beauty Magic.

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