…that can change the world for the better

Jenna was 25 when she closed a super client to design their brand. It took me a couple of minutes to understand what she was telling me on the phone, as she was so excited. After having called her back to earth, I realized she needed my help.

When we met later, she started speaking about the colors, the lines, the characteristics of the name, the logo, filling up every corner of my living room with mockups and design boards.

Do you like red or yellow? The lion means power but the tiger is agile, Oh no, the bull is more powerful, She spoke, making both sides of the conversation.

Why are you smiling? she asked me at some point. It was because she reminded me of a phrase I had read once in Seth Godin’s blog: ‘It takes more than a hat to be a cowboy’, referring to the definition of a brand.

I was thinking about the story of how Jenna started her career in branding because this is the way most people see branding. A cowboy hat or a superhero costume, believing that this is enough to attract people.

And if it is Halloween, people will smile and believe you are wearing a suit pretending to be someone you want to be, but not who you are. But all other days of the year, your costume means nothing if you don’t represent its inherent values. And like the naked king, you will wonder why no one treats you as they should.

Branding is an act of leadership. The branding process enforces you to dig deep in your brand to identify your uniqueness, virtues, and values to make your costume. It challenges you and above all why you exist as a brand.

Branding is a promise you give to people when you wear that suit. It’s not about the design, the colors and your name, it’s about what your suit represents.

Branding can change the world not only because it makes you look better, but because it makes you work harder, smarter and lets others know that you love what you do. And this is what people want to see before they start following you.

Most people polish their symbols daily while wondering what marketing tactic went wrong or thinking they need more sales force to speak to more people.

What went wrong is that your customer can?t recognize you, as she doesn’t know what you stand for. Why buy from you, why you exist.

You are a superhero. Your brand is one of a kind. Your product is what people are looking for.

You don’t need more resources to find them. Maybe they are next to you but they never understand what your product is for. Even worse, you don?t know where the people who want your product are.

So stop thinking of changing your name, redesign your logo or pay a fortune to renovate your store.

What you need above all is to answer the question; why should people stop what they are doing and buy from me?.

Tip: The point is not to know the answer. The point is to understand you have to run a process that will provide you with the right answer.