Working from home (is not the same as working remotely).

Now everyone is working from home. This is more restricted than just remote working. Because remotely means that we can work from anywhere we want. In a café close to the sea or on the roof garden of a nice hotel in the center of the town. Now we don’t have this privilege. We have to stay home. But what does that mean?

The easy part is to have a strong Wi-Fi and a good laptop. The hard part is to create an environment that reminds you of an office and the hardest part is to create a ritual.

Working from home gives you the illusion of freedom and at the same time the fear of uncertainty.

The illusion of freedom is that you wake up in the morning and you don’t have the urge to go to office. You take your laptop, sit on the couch and work watching TV. Your kids are now running around and after a while you start to get distracted.

The environment counts! In the office you have your colleagues, the environment (like it or not) gives you the ability to concentrate on your business.

Your home is built for the opposite situation. It is the place where you go to relax!

So, that thing you feel that working from home is actually better is the illusion of freedom or the wrong freedom. After a while you will start feeling less capable to work, your performance will go down, you will feel uncomfortable in your own home and you will start to get stressed and that will lead you to give up.

The solution is to be your own boss. This is the tactic that successful digital nomads and freelancers follow.

    1. Create a working place in your home. Put a table, a chair and name it “workspace”. This will be the only place you will go for work. The rest is your home.
    2. Create a daily work schedule balancing it with your family schedule. Of course you will have interruptions but you had them in your office too. The following comes from colleagues and clients who are married with children. “Our kids jump on the bed to play with us every morning. We play for half an hour and then we all go to have breakfast. Family together for breakfast is the most important thing during the day. Then I go to my working space, work for 2 hours and have a 15-minutes break. This is up to 17:00.” Some stop their working activities leaving their business cellular and laptops in the working space and lock the door. Some others do other activities after 17:00 up to 19:00, like yoga, working out, e-learning courses (e-cooking, music, etc) and they go back to work from 19:00 – 21:00. But when they decide that the workday has ended, everyone locks their working space leaving there their business laptop and cellular. (the only exception is our CEO who sleeps with his laptop).
    3. Add yoga, meditation and\or working out in your program because now that you move less than before you need to get your body active. You can start a super program to build a super body if you want but it’s not necessary. The purpose is to keep yourself in good shape and keep your brains in place. Yoga can give you the energy your body needs, move your muscles and keep your mind in balance. There are valid free applications to help you get started.
    4. Go out for small walks or use the windows (or balcony) to take moments of fresh air. Yes, in your office maybe you didn’t have a window but you had times out in the air on a daily basis (shopping, hangouts or even the trip home from your office).

One of the main failures of freelancers was the illusion of freedom they had when they started working. They thought freedom was to work anytime they wanted and in way they wanted. They were wrong. Freedom means to be able to be your own boss. To control yourself and build an effective ritual that makes you perform to the maximum.

Some people can’t accept the frame they live. They start nagging and talking about the days that were and those that are coming. This will not help them. Living with the past and dreaming of the future keeps you away from what you have to do now. And the future will be built by the things you do today.

Accept the current situation, build a ritual that will help you adapt and give you the maximum performance and you will be happy and strong now and in the future.