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We dive into your brain to find your purple cow
What you sell is not your product, nor the reason they need to buy your product. What you sell is an irresistible choice. That choice is your identity.
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We create stories people would die to hear
Brand Storytelling is the only way to build a loyal audience. It has nothing to do with your brand. It has to do with the story your audience tell themselves about your brand.
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Permanent growth should be your goal
Long-term contributions make you fly. A growth plan should be flexible to adapt, should make you commit and stay consistent to reach your goal.
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success stories

Some of Our Projects

Paul Mitchell - The biggest brand on Professional Salon Products in USA
Creative Direction, Storytelling
Balkan Fashion Week - A Branding & Creative Direction Tale
Brand Identity, Branding, Creative Direction, Storytelling
Broken Symphony - Position a luxury brand off-season with success
Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Influencer Marketing, Storytelling, Website
Angel's Story - A Fashion Designer who wants to share a message to the world
Brand Identity, Branding, Creative Direction, Storytelling
Beauty Magic - The #1 Beauty Magazine in Greece
Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Growth Marketing, Storytelling, Websites
Walking Closet - Everything starts with your closet
Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Storytelling, Websites
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I thought I was selling jewelry but, in fact, I was in the coaching industry. It is very difficult to understand those differences and WEIRD AUTHENTIC PEOPLE knows exactly what to do to identify your brand and explode your sales!
Founder & CEO
Costantino Roselli made me understand who am I, what is my industry, to who I'm selling and what I’m selling! Following his advice, I built a brand people love! In a month of my existence as a brand I made tremendous impact and built amazing synergies.
Founder & CEO
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